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Like most people, I bristle at the thought of writing a personal summary – probably because my interests are so varied. I've always had both a creative and an analytical bent, which means I'm just as interested in kerning as I am in perfecting a spreadsheet.

I'm a voracious consumer of news, social media, pop and Internet culture. I have photographed every article of clothing I own, tagged them meticulously, and rolled the whole batch online. I write down my to do lists the "old fashioned" way because I crave the feeling of decimating my wins with a Sharpie. 

These days, I'm obsessed with writing. I write every day.


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Senior Editor, Yelp

March 2014 - Present

As the Senior Editor, I lead Yelp's editing team as we serve the various departments at Yelp. I delegate copywriting assignments, manage communication, and lead weekly meetings. Projects range from crafting lines for print, editing scripts or penning copy for the website. I convene with the design team to discuss crossover projects, brainstorm ideas for new marketing collateral and swap notes on process.


May 2012

The Weekly Yelp newsletter is a local guide that reaches millions of subscribers over 30 countries around the world. I copy edit our community managers to ensure these newsletters are stylistically consistent, on brand, and engaging. I also help edit the company style guide and have produced countless how-tos and documentation for the marketing team. When needed – which is always – I write copy for web and mobile, bulk email, and ads.

Community Manager, Yelp

August 2010

Tasked with growing the brand presence of Yelp in Toronto by throwing events, leading weekly marketing campaigns, and acting as an ambassador to a community of savvy locals. I also wrote and researched the Weekly Yelp — an up-to-the-minute guide for foodies. I acted as a diplomat to business owners and a jungle leader to new users of the site. Most fun of all? I hosted monthly parties for the community's most engaged citizens, the Yelp Elite.


April 2010

The culmination of a degree in economics and a voracious appetite for graphic design led me to the investment banking floor of TD Securities. I drew and designed layouts, mocked up logos, crafted data visualizations and built investor presentations for digital and print. My primary tools were Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).


Not Writing

Handwriting Porn

I'm a handwriting enthusiast and clearly not the only one. Excellent samples I have discovered in the wild.

I x Snowclones

A simple joke told over and over. I cobble one together whenever I think of one.

Vivek Likes

Images on which I have tapped "like."


Full Disclosure Friday

A curated collection of the best all caps'd rants on Twitter.


I do my research to demonstrate how you are doing it wrong. Inspired by the work of Judith Martin.

Personal Inventory

This started as a short essays about objects I own. Then it was a deconstruction of a favorite notebook. Today, it's an epistolary novel about technology, and the project continues.